Relativity Product Development

  • Product ideation, vision, and business requirements
  • Development roadmap and strategy
  • Technical Architecture
  • Development, QA, and implementation

Relativity Module Development

Rapid ideation, development, and implementation of Relativity components such as Event Handlers, Scripts and Agents


  • Process development and implementation
  • Agile leadership and transformation
  • Team formation and guidance


  • Improve the efficiency of your existing workflows via automation
  • Implement an industry-changing idea
  • Evolve a new workflow
  • Reduce software spend by utilizing Relativity for non-eDiscovery data and workflows


  • Replicate custom functionality a client experienced at another vendor
  • Integrate external platforms and applications with Relativity
  • Migrate data to or from Relativity
  • Structure and manage previously unstructured data in Relativity