Cloud Connect

Cloud Connect allows Relativity users to securely connect to their cloud accounts and import data directly into Relativity as documents. Support for non-Relativity users is high on our priorities list.

Cloud Connect supports:

  • Microsoft OneDrive™
  • Microsoft OneNote™
  • Dropbox™
  • Box™
  • Google Drive™ *
  • Gmail™ *
  • Instagram *
  • More in progress


Ingest public web pages as PDF documents into Relativity with a simple button click.


Ditto for Relativity generates a page/line report for transcript annotations in spreadsheet format.

Epitome (Pin)

Extract document excerpts to custom objects for additional action(s) such as additional investigation, inclusion in a privilege log, and building medical record summaries. Merge document excerpts into existing text fields without using cut and paste.


Etch is a custom power tool for Relativity that allows users to memorialize custom objects as PDF documents. Etch provides PDF functionality for single documents via console button and multiple documents via mass action.

Object to document conversion is high on our backlog as well.


Peek for Relativity is a custom application power tool that allows users to convert document images into thumbnails for quick assessment of a document's overall disposition.

Quickly identify irrelevant images or relevant blueprints, ensure redactions have been applied, or quickly make determinations using the thumbnail carousels provided in Peek's unified multi-document review page.


Simple, event-driven email notifications and user subscriptions for your custom objects. Build a Production intake object, project management workflow, or customer feedback portal…all within Relativity.